Founded in 1958 by Mr Victorio Giannini, GV, throughout 53 years of history and with the presence of three generations, was able to stay in the market by means of constant improvement and quality assurance.
The understanding of the strategic and business objectives of our customers was our aim in order to adequately understand their priorities in performance.
In this professional way, we supply big and small organizations throughout the country, thus, projecting ourselves into the international market.
We constantly make improvements in the production process in order to optimize the efficiency and assure the total control of the product. Our commitment to quality begins and ends with our customers.
In the next decade we want to turn ourselves into the best qualified company of the Republic of Argentina in supplying carbon brushes and car electric engines repair kits and to achieve recognition as such by our customers and suppliers.
Victorio Giannini
Victorio Giannini


In GV we have seriously committed ourselves to innovation as a competitive strategy that we want to transmit, promote and favour by means of our products.

It is necessary to point out that the concept of innovation on which GV establishes its premises is a broad concept in which any business process could be included, from technological to commercial and organizational innovation.

Our Engineering Department works for the improvement and development of new products with rigorous criteria of management and quality which are based on five main pillars:

Constant research
Advanced technology
Own tool kit design
Permanent trials
Products check up

Thus, the department succeeds in launching into the market pieces of a controlled quality, a maximum performance and an optimum functionalism.

Starter carbon brushes l Alternator carbon brushes l Electric fan and forcer carbon brushes l Windscreen wiper carbon brushes
Aided direction carbon brushes l Two-stroke engine carbon brushes l Starter brush holders l Alternator brush holders
Aided direction brush holders l Planetary washers l Slip rings

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